Granny's False Teeth

When Granny lost her false teeth
She got in such a panic
They were last seen on Friday
By our Auntie Janet
She was having trouble eating
She was having trouble talking
She said she couldn't chew her food
Once she'd stuck the fork in
We looked under the settee
We looked under the table
We checked they were not being used
By her sister Mable
We looked inside the cupboard
We looked inside the bin
Every time she smiled
She gave a gummy grin
She didn't have a spare pair
Another was expensive
She tried to plead poverty
While crying to the dentist
Because it cost a packet
For new molars and incisors
She trotted off to Tesco
To buy a liquidizer
The moral of this poem:
If you have fake pearly whites
Don't let them wander from you
As you'll have to suck not bite