School Visits (Primary, Secondary, Special, Colleges)

My workshops cover poetry writing and/or performance and are ideal for:

  • mixed whole-day visits any time of year or for special events e.g. National Poetry Day, World Book Day, Black History Month, activity/enrichment days, family learning days, transition projects etc

  • residencies from a few weeks to whole school years

  • day-long, in-depth Poetry Masterclasses for the most or least able or those in the middle needing inspiration

  • literacy boosters run as one-offs or over time for 60-90 mins per session

  • assembly performances

  • 'Meet the Poet/Author' Q&As

  • book sales and signings

  • performance events and whole-day poetry slams

  • writing competitions

  • presentation skills workshops for e.g. formal presentations, job/college interviews

  • staff Insets.



Mixed classes, G&T, EAL, SEN, reluctant readers/writers, low confidence students, parents/families etc will:

  • improve literacy, creativity, self-expression, confidence, performance and presentation skills

  • have fun with words and language through my accessible style and approach

  • develop poetry styles and structures

  • have a 'live' experience of performance poet and author.

 Poetry Styles and Themes 

Depending on age, ability and your requirements, I may use original or established poetry styles: thin, blank verse, repetitive, step, stair, tall, four-word, diamond, rap, recipe, interactive, Kenning, rhyming/non-rhyming poems etc.

I will also encourage participants to use a range of `language tools' when writing their poems to develop literacy skills e.g. metaphors, similes, alliteration, onomatopoeia, adjectives, adverbs, synonyms, personification, senses etc. 

My poem writing workshop themes cover an endless range of fun and serious topics e.g. Olympics/sport/football, Superheroes, War & Peace, Emotions, Food, Dreams & Nightmares, London, If..., Music, the Moon Landing, Black History Heroes, Animals, Books & Book Characters, Insects, Self-Identity, Respect, The Elements, My Home, Relationships, Colours, Families, Transport, Weather, Freedom - in fact any theme you can think of!

In my performance workshops I encourage teachers and children to select (age-appropriate)  poems from my own massive range of material on this site or my books or am happy to use poems written by the children themselves or other authors. 


Poetry Writing Workshop Outline

  • I read/perform my own poems – many interactive

  • I provide poetry writing tips

  • I outline poems for students to write on a given theme

  • I model example poem

  • students plan and brainstorm poem words and ideas with me

  • students write poems

  • the importance of editing

  • students edit poems

  • performance tips from me

  • participants perform/share poems

  • Q&A, time permitting

  • I close with a poem


Also see Price & Details

Q: How many pupils per workshop? A: One class size works best but less for more needy pupils.
Q: How long is each workshop? A: usually 60-120 mins, depending on age and ability OR all-day for my Masterclasses.
Q: Do you work with Early Years? A: Yes – shorter 'on the carpet' readings for the youngest ones
Q: Do you work with 6th forms? A: Yes
Q: Do you perform on whole-school and whole-year assemblies? A: Yes – and in each workshop.
Q: What do you need? A: Pens, paper, board/flip chart and, for performances in big spaces, possibly a mic/PA. Although I have a current cleared DBS and £5m public liability insurance, a staff member should be present at all times for safeguarding purposes.