I am a London-based comedy performance poet, author and entertainer with a 25-year background in communication management and mentoring. I use my poetry to develop literacy, confidence, self-expression, creativity, performance and presentation skills in 3-103 year olds.

I make language fun and accessible for the least engaged but stretch and challenge the most able.  I have appeared in West End comedy and poetry clubs, theatres etc since 1989, so perform my interactive, rhythmic, rhyming comedy poems in all workshops - so eveyone can join in!

My company of one is aptly called Confidence in Communication through Comedy Poetry Ltd, or CCCP Workshops for short. All workshops are run by me, Neal Zetter


Who will Benefit?

My poetry workshops can be tailored to suit:

  • primary, secondary, special schools and colleges (inc EAL, G&T, SEN, reluctant readers/writers, low confidence students, those 'in transition', family learners, Travellers etc)
  • teachers (Insets)
  • libraries, archive services, museums
  • pupil referral/behavioural units, offenders 
  • arts organisations
  • those in need e.g. drug, alcohol, mental health, brain injured patients, people with learning difficulties, elderly etc)
  • other public, charity, voluntary sector, private companies.

In fact any educational establishment or organisation committed to developing its students or staff and the way they communicate through the written or spoken word. Please view this site for more details and how to book.

Latest News


NEW BOOKS: Yuck and Yum (A Feast of Funny Food Poems)

Yuck and Yum (A Feast of Funny Food Poems) is due out from Troika Books by Easter 2018. It will feature 50 side-splitting food poems from me and my poetry pal Josh Seigal (25 each), served up with some tasty illustrations from the amazing Scoular Anderson. Watch this space for more details.

I have two other children's poetry books in the pipeline: in autumn 2018 , Invasion of the Supervillains (Raps & Rhymes to Worry the Galaxy) to be illustrated by 'Here Come the Superheroes' illustrator, the amazing Chris White. And in spring 2019, a crazy animal poetry book, Gorilla Ballerina (A Book of Bonkers Animal Poems) - updates to follow.


Here Come the Superheroes (Raps & Rhymes to Save the Galaxy) is HOT!

Now on its third print since last July, there never has been a poetry book quite like this. Listed in the Reading Agency's top 20 UK children's poetry books in 2017, it's truly unique. See this fab review here and My Books for more info.

It's Not Fine to Sit on a Porcupine is Children's Favourite

My recent It's Not Fine to Sit on a Porcupine has been named in the Book Trust's list of favourite poetry books for children  - and here's the excellent review. Oh, and here's another!

Bees in My Bananas, Version 2.0

With sales of around 5,000, my fab publisher, Troika Books, has now re-issued my award-winning poetry book, Bees in My Bananas in an updated, improved format. See some great reviews by children here and My Books for more.

Latest Poems

Children: Gorilla BallerinaBookworm, Bookworm, Just SSSSSSNIFF! My Friend Tummy Ache, Liger, Terrorise My Babysitter, W.A.S.P.Dad's ChairDelaying TacticsCircleMartian Kids, Woolly Hat, Skeleton in the Cupboard, TV Cop

Adults & Teens: GobbledegookBake Off, GreyBloodPoetry is a State of Mind, Choose Your T-ShirtSunday, Air Guitar Star, Resolutions