Metaphor for My Life

You’re the hip to my hop
You’re my cherry on the top
You’re the vision to my sight
You’re the teeth to my bite
I’m the Elephant to your Castle
You’re the golden wrapping paper round my Christmas parcel
You’re the order to my crazy confusion
You’re my cryptic crossword puzzle solution
You’re the Marmite to my bread and butter
You’re my sanity when I’m a raving nutter
You’re the planet revolving round my sun
You’re the bullet in my gun
(Though you’re so beautiful it’s just set on stun)
You’re the T to my V
The BB to my C
The O to my D
The GC to my SE
You’re the flesh on my bones
You’re my favourite ring tone on my phone
I’m the penalty taker you’re the goal
You’re the Dolmio sauce to my spag bol
You’re the Arctic to my Monkeys
Your love is my drug and I’m your love junkie
You’re the memory to my………………………….amnesia
You’re the diamond to my geezer
You’re my together when I’m the loner
You’re the Marge to my Homer
You’re the Honey & Lemon Strepsil to my sore throat
If I’m Joseph you’re my Technicolour Dreamcoat
You’re the high voltage that helps me function
You’re the Clapham to my Junction
You’re the A to my Z
You’re the comfort blanket to my bed
When I’m the blunt instrument you’re the sharpest knife
You’re the metaphor for my life