She’s So Totally Cool

She’s so totally cool
She’s the coolest in the school
She’s re-written every rule
In the Cool Book
The way she moves
The way she looks
She’ll get you hooked
And she’s the face
Of Myspace
She’s so totally cool
As a cucumber
On e-bay she sells her mobile number
She could freeze the hottest summer
She’s cooler than anyone you’ve ever met
When the pressure’s on
She won’t fret
Even if she lost a thousand pound bet
She won’t break a sweat
Or perspire
She can snuff out a forest fire
She’s so totally cool
Takes an independent stance
It’s in her glance
It’s in her voice
It’s in her dance
More je ne sais quoi
Than the whole of France
She’s so totally cool
She IS style
With a capital `S’
The Cool Princess
Coolness is a quality with which she’s blessed
By the tonne
In this year’s Cool List she’s number 1
Top of the pile
And yeah, she’s got the coolest smile
She’s so totally cool
She’s a free spirit
Knows her rights
Don’t do designer labels
Don’t wear Nike
What is she like?
She’s outta sight
She’s so totally cool
She talks others listen
She leads others follow
She don’t get stressed
Or let her mind get messed
She leaves tomorrow till tomorrow
Lives for today
In her own special way
She’s so totally cool
She don’t get bovvered
Or perturbed
Or freaked out
Or disturbed
Or hassled
Or frustrated
She’s so chilled
Not aggravated
She could make King Kong feel placated
She’s so totally cool
She’s top banana
She’d even look cool in my Spider-Man pyjamas
She’s so sorted, sussed and clever
She’s soooooooo got her life together
She’s so totally cool