Think of a Gnu

When you’re feeling blue
Think of a gnu
It’s such an obvious thing to do
Don’t wear a long frown
Don’t stare at your shoe
Don’t scream out aloud
Don’t lock yourself in the loo
Don’t consider a cow
Or a pink cockatoo
‘Cause you’ll laugh
And go daft
If you think of a gnu
When you’re feeling grumpy
Down in the dumpy
If your day won’t run smoothly
‘Cause the path you’re on is bumpy
Don’t take to your bed
Don’t tear out your hair
Don’t fly off to the Med
Don’t curse, cuss and swear
Just hold on very tightly to the only thing certain and true
When you’re feeling blue
Think of a gnu
When you’re feeling agitated
When you’re feeling aggravated
When you’re wishing you hadn’t been born
Push aside the negatives
Practice all the positives
That gnu will help you sail on through the storm
Don’t get depressed
Face up to life’s test
Think of something guaranteed to rid you of this mess
Don’t be bitter
Don’t be a quitter
Turn your moans and groans into an almighty titter
When you feel a shade of grey
It will gently blow away
If you slowly count down from ten to two
Then have much more fun
Don’t think of a one
But instead
Think of a gnu
You’re NOT on the Titanic
So there’s no need to panic
When you’re blue
Think of a gnu
Even if you’re really poorly with tonsillitis and flu