Feet, feet, feet
Feet can be short or fat or long
Feet that aren’t washed poo and pong
Feet help you go for a walk
Feet can’t ever, ever talk
Feet stretch upwards to make us taller
Feet are 12 inches on old-fashioned rulers
Feet can be very hairy
Feet can be very scary
Feet have normally got five toes
Feet travel with you wherever you go
Feet paddle in water in the sun
Feet join the legs that let you run
Feet usually come in twos
Feet keep warm in socks and shoes
Feet stand firmly on the ground
Feet are there when you look down
Feet are found in fours on dogs and cats
Feet that are muddy are wiped on doormats
Feet love to move
Feet tap to music and dance and groove
Feet get us from A to B
Feet take steps – 1, 2, 3
Feet like to rest when the long day is done
Feet are freaky, fantastic, fabulous, and fun
Feet, feet, feet