Iron Man’s Gone Rusty

Iron Man slept out in the rain
He’s gone all stiff and rusty
His repulsor rays worked yesterday
But now are bent and busted
You’d better fetch an oil can fast
Crime-fighting could be in his past
Will this adventure be his last?
Iron Man’s gone rusty
Iron Man’s gone kinda stiff
His jaws too tight for talking
The grating sound you hear around’s
The noise he makes when walking
He’s starting to squeak
He’s starting to creak
From superhero to super freak
Iron Man’s gone rusty
He’s corroded, oxidised
He doesn’t look too clever
The shower neutralised his power
Defeated by bad weather
He’s bright orange (though once was red)
If only he wore a plastic costume instead
The newspaper headline I saw said
“Iron Man’s gone Rusty”
No longer invincible
He’s rooted to the spot
No longer indestructible
He now decays and rots
His super suit instructions state “avoid water”…but he forgot
So Iron Man’s gone rusty
Yes Iron Man’s
Like an old tin can
While his deadly enemies plot and plan
He’s turned the colour of fake sun tan
Iron Man’s gone rusty