Just Do It!

My Nike training shoes and me
We glide around in harmony
Designed with flair
And a cushion of air
Ka-ching - two hundred pounds a pair
What better way to show my feet I care?
They get me everywhere I go
Sprinting like the wind
Or moving cool and slow
I’m in my flow
I’m on a roll
Leather upper and rubber sole
On the tip of my toe
When I score a goal
My Nikes are better than the best
Without them I don’t feel I’m dressed
I want to wear them in the bath
Want to wear them in my bed
Want to wear them for my work
Want to wear them when I’m dead
And that so simple slogan buzzes round in my head
Just Do It!
Just Do It!
Just Do It!
Just Do It!
If you wear Adidas or Puma in my book you blew it
‘Cause I worship the sign
The sign of the tick
My Nikes are fab and fan-tast-ic
Magni-fi-que and ter-rif-ic
Whether boot or trainer or runners with spikes
The only shoe to be true to for me is Nike
Guys: to generate girl reaction
Get yourself a slice of Nike action
The fastest footwear now in luminous green
Fit for the feet of a king or a queen
Making me be noticed
Making me be seen
Making me stand out from the crowd
Forever doing me real proud
So much so I want to shout aloud:
“You can travel by train, car, skateboard by bike
“But the only way for me to travel…is by Nike”