I’m a Spare Spare Rib

I’m a spare spare rib lying cold in your fridge
I once was hot
Then someone forgot
To serve me up with the other lot
And as nobody returned me to the pot
I’m a spare spare rib

In barbecue sauce
I come from a pig not a cow or horse
You could have had me for starters or for your main course
But you didn’t…
So I’m a spare spare rib

No. 42
On the local Chinese takeaway menu
Abandoned at the back of the queue
Like a single sock or a solitary shoe
I’m a spare spare rib

A bit of meat sitting on some bone
Contemplating a future alone
In this silver foil dish I now call my home
I’m sorry to moan
And moan and moan
But I’m a spare spare rib

No longer looking so appealing
I’m chewy and tough and my gravy’s congealing
So don’t over order when you get your next meal in
‘Cause remember we ribs too have feelings
I’m a spare spare rib

It’s so not fair
I could have tasted terrific cooked medium rare
But I was left by myself when everyone had their share
So I’m a spare rib going spare