Say it with Flowers

(This slogan was used by the florists Interflora for many years)
When your relationship is not sweet but sour
And she’s locked herself in her ivory tower
Be the hero of the hour
Say it with flowers
If you’re in her bad books
And she’s giving you dirty looks
Get yourself off the hook
Instead of a regular apology
Use some savvy and psychology
Say it with flowers
Is she casting aspersions?
Purchase nasturtiums
Giving you aggravation?
Conjure up carnations
Football’s on TV?
Send her some sweet pea
Want to win back her love?
Buy her those foxgloves
Looking to please her?
Unleash those freesias
Present her with posies
You’ll come up smelling of roses
Or daffodils
Say it with flowers
And reprieve the reprehensible
Defend the indefensible
Rely on an old friend that’s always dependable
A lovely bit of flora can go a long way
And rescue situations that have turned out the wrong way
Say it with flowers
Cause flowers
Have mysterious and magical restorative powers
And can say
“I wrote off your car by hitting that lorry”
“Forgive me
“When I went to Paris I forgot to take you with me”
“I regret
“That yours was the only birthday I managed to forget”
Say it with flowers
No need to be disgraced
Put a smile back on her face
Take her to a better place
Remember she’s the most important person to you in the whole human race
And If you’re not a lyricist or poet and not wonderful with words
When she’s fuming, boiling, sulking, leaving (!) or just plain perturbed
Say it with flowers
A bouquet
A splendid spray
A nosegay
A fantastic display
Don’t go for chocolates like All Gold, Thornton’s, Quality Street or Milk Tray
When you go astray
Get in touch with your feminine side whether you’re straight or gay
Say it with flowers
When you’re in the doghouse you could treat her to:
Jewellery, perfume, dinner or lunch
But guys you just can’t beat a beautiful bunch
Of horticultural flare
To show her you really care
You’ve no need for marriage guidance
Or to resort to prayer
Say it with flowers