Please Sir, My Brain's Full Up

Please Sir my brain's full up
Too many figures too many facts
My mind is topped up to the max.
And now has stopped dead in its tracks
Please Sir, my brain's full up

I've got mental constipation
Read my lips “too much information”
What's now fat but once was thin?
My brain – it's bulging to the brim
Please Sir, my brain's full up

Names and dates of kings and queens
Weird mathematical symbols
Capital cities I'll never go to
My one to ten times tables
Please Sir, my brain's full up

It's rammed
It's crammed
It's jammed
Like a dam
I can't face another exam
There's nowhere left for my head to expand
Another tiny piece of knowledge and it'll go BOOM!
Please Sir, my brain's full up
There's no more room

Too much chemistry
Too much history
Too much geography
Too much biology
Too much literacy
Too much sociology
Too much PHSE
Too much design technology
And tests
And tests
And tests
And tests
Too many details to digest
I'm not Shakespeare or Einstein so please give it a rest
Please Sir, my brain's full up

Why can't I do PE
Watch TV
Play computer games
Write poetry
Or start the weekend at this very minute?
Please Sir, my brain's full up
I can't fit any more in it

Like a jam sandwich oozing at the edges
A suitcase that's over-packed
Wembley Stadium on Cup Final Day
There's not a millimetre of slack
I'm in a daze I'm in a blur
Because my brain's full up thanks to you Sir

School starts each day at half-past eight
And finishes far far too late
Then you give me homework too
I really have too much to do
You make me bite off more than I can chew
It's like my cranium's blocked with super-glue
So I'll shout it till my face is blue