I'm the Gigantic Giant

I'm the gigantic giant who dwells down your street
I'm the one with the enoooooormous feet
Stomping and stamping
Trudging and tramping
You might stand two meters high
Me? I nearly scrape the sky

I'm the gigantic giant taller than the tallest tree
I'm the man you would ban from coming round to tea
Crashing and bashing
Crushing and smashing
I can't help it it's my height
I'm in the clouds and out of sight

I'm the gigantic giant like the ones from fairy tales
I'm longer than the longest rulers and a dozen whales
Stooping and bending
Almost never ending
I don't own a castle but the house on the hill
I eat a whole supermarket daily for a meal

I'm the gigantic giant
I spend so much time alone
'Cause I can't find another giant to fit in my home
Breaking and battering
Squashing and flattening
Anything that's in my way when I am walking
I make your windows wibble wobble when I am talking

I'm the gigantic giant
I am humongous
People say, “He's far too huge to exist among us!”
Freaky and odd
Famous for my big bod
You'll never see a giant more gigantic than me
I'm the most gigantic giant in the whole country
No – the most gigantic giant in the galaxy
I'm the gigantic giant