Google It

Google it:
Google life
Google dating agencies to seek a new partner, husband or wife
Goolge yesterday's football results if you missed them
Google the twelve best things to buy a psychopath for Christmas and it will list them
Google her, Google him
Google Ho Chi Minh, City: `Formerly Saigon, Vietnam'
Google least popular UK accents: `Birmingham'
Google favourite Monty Python sketches: `Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, egg, bacon, sausage, beans and spam, spam, spam and spam'

Google medical conditions to find out serious things that are wrong with you
Google song lyrics for the words of that hit you knew
Don't Ask Jeeves, Bing or Yahoo
'Cause Google can produce a rabbit from any hat
Why buy a GPS when you can check out Google Maps
To discover where you are?
Wanna recycle your bra?
Googling that will lead to
Go on, Google away till you're old and grey

Google the total population of every single nation
Google tips to tackle a woodlice infestation
And if you're into self-congratulation
Then Google yourself
We've all done it, have a go
Next Google all the friends you know
Google Virgin Media, BT etc if your Googling's far too slow

Google the middle name of Darth Vader
Three ways to straighten a bent banana
How to spell Saskatchewan or Madagascar
Sleepy, Grumpy, Dopey, Bashful, Sneezy and Doc
Google all Seven Dwarfs if you have a mental block
And you'll get Happy
Grab your keyboard and tippy tappy, tippy tappy
Google it

You no longer need to opine
Google's got more brainpower than Stephen Fry and Einstein - combined
Aided and abetted by Wikipedia
`A close friend of mine' Googled p?rn?graphy for something sleazier and seedier
Google Google Images for perfect pictures and photography
Google relationship management if you can't get along with me

Where to buy the cheapest booze?
Who had the original hit of Blue Suede Shoes?
How to refuse an offer that can't be refused?
What made Queen Victoria so unamused?
Ways to get a ticking time bomb – quickly - defused?
Why there are so many answers to every question I choose?
It's because the phrase `I don't know' no longer has meaning
So there's no excuse for ignorance, denial or whinging
Set your browser default to the top search engine
And Google it, Google it, Google it