It's a Dogs' World

It's a dogs' world
Different types, breeds, shapes and sizes
Unusual dogs full of surprises
Excited dogs that wag their tails
Extremely strange dogs that go `miaow'
Dangerous dogs whose bites are worse than their bark
Naughty dogs that burst footballs they chase in the park

Dogs that are so tall
Dogs that are so small
Don't let slobbering dogs lick your face at all
That's totally disgusting and completely uncool

Terriers, Poodles, Spaniels, Alsatians
Labradors, Retrievers, Collies, 101 Dalmatians
A never-ending dog catalogue from every single nation

Dogs out walking
Terrorising cats
Some dogs wear coats in winter
But rarely socks or hats
Charcoal black dogs
Chocolate brown dogs
Silver grey dogs
And Setters coloured red
Floppy spotted dogs
Silly stripy dogs
Tiny toy dogs
It's unhygienic to let dogs sleep in your bed
Buy them a big basket
Or build a kennel instead

Dogs have to scratch an itchy flea
Or must drool and dribble while you have your tea
Even though they've just eaten
If you're in need of a best friend choosing a dog cannot be beaten

Dogs understand so much of what's said
Despite only having two words spin round in their heads
Walkies, dinner
Walkies, dinner
Walkies, dinner
Walkies, dinner
All day long
There's a dog on TV howling along
To his favourite top twenty song
And a movie star dog in an advert for dog food
Never let dogs grab your slippers as they'll be chewed and chewed and chewed

Rabbits, hamsters, parrots, gerbils, moggies, horses and goldfish are fine
But they cannot compare to a cute canine

Wild dogs
Lost dogs
Guard dogs
Lazy dogs
Krypto the Superdog
Careful don't tread in doggy do
You'll end up with a smelly shoe
Dogs nervously trembling at the vet
Breaking out into a cold doggy sweat
Dogs sticking by us constantly don't let us forget...
That when they say `woof, woof, woof'
They're telling us
They want a fuss
And they're definitely
A hundred per cent
The undisputed
Number one
Fun, fun, fun
Most perfect of pets

It's a dogs' world