Sleeping Standing Up

I always sleep standing up
Instead of lying down
It's late but you'll still find me with my feet both on the ground
I'm dozing so don't make sound
Though I look strange
Perhaps deranged
Sleeping standing up

Don't need blankets
Don't need sheets
Some people comment “that's real neat”
Some people comment “you're a freak”
Sleeping standing up

Don't mistake me for a lamppost
While I do what I enjoy most
When I rest and have a snooze
What position do I chose?
Horses, zebras, elephants
Also may adopt this stance
'Cause like me
They want to be
Sleeping standing up

Don't need a pillow
Don't need a duvet
Please don't ever try to move me
You say “weird”
But I say “groovy”
Sleeping standing up

It's safe:
I can't fall out of bed
The blood cannot rush to my head
And no-one ever thinks I'm dead
Sleeping standing up

I've slept this way for thirty years
It is quite comfortable
My fave teddy bear and me
Upright all night against a wall
Straight as that coat stand in my hall
You'll not see me horizontal
As I'm forever vertical
When I tuck in there's just one rule
Sleeping standing up

Don't tell me that I'm bananas
When I slip on my pyjamas
Sleeping standing up