Worms are giving me creeps
Worms will get me in my sleep
Worms are sliding through the grass
Worms still squirm when cut in half
Worms have got no feet or hands
Worms make wormholes in the sand
Worms are all spaghetti-shaped
Worms go crispy when they're baked
Worms will drill my apple through
Worms can't jump like kangaroos
Worms are breeding in my shed
Worms - be careful where you tread!
Worms are all symmetrical
Worms are soft and bendable
Worms can wiggle, worms can twitch
Worms for dinner makes me sick
Worms are sneaking down my shirt
Worms are sliming up your skirt
Worms are quite despicable
Worms aren't very lickable
Worms are moving in the mud
Worms like lapping up my blood
Worms are thin, fat, short and long
Worms will eat me when I'm gone