The Worry Box

I can't do long division
My head's a strange shape
I'm developing hairy toes
A big bully hit me
Gemma Jones bit me
There's a huge blue spot on my nose

I'm frightened of flies
Tom poked fun at my ears
I'm allergic to cranberry sauce
I'll never be rich
My sister's a witch
Jack said that I laugh like a horse

Je find French très confusing
I might need to wear glasses
Sam's driving me round the bend
I've spent all my savings
How long till I'm shaving?
Last week I was dumped by two girlfriends

Luke (who sits next to me)
Smells like rotting fish
I'm totally hopeless at sport
I'm scared of my Headteacher
I can't pronounce omonatopoeia...onomapatoemia...onomatopoeia
Dad tore up my terrible school report

I think I've got nits
I'm dreading the dentist
My brain cannot work very fast
I can't spell Saskatchewan
My best mate's an alien
I'm so nervous of putting my hand up in class

Two back teeth are wobbly
I'm rubbish at poetry...
Whatever your stresses and fears
Just tell the Worry Box
Write to the Worry Box
And all your problems will disappear