My Pen

My pen is my pal
My pen is my chum
My pen can write any word under the sun
When we work together it's hours of fun

He touches the paper and ink starts to run
And roll
And flow
Never quite knowing where our poem will go
Them rhythms!
Them rhymes!
I'm tapping my toes...

My pen cost me five pounds
An absolute bargain
When resting he frequently doodles in margins
Or sits in my pocket
Or lies on my desk
Please take back your pencil
My pen is the best
(For a small fee he'll help you in your spelling test)

Blue plastic bottom
Shiny gold top
When we're inspired we're hot, hot, hot
Scribing and scribbling until we drop

My pen is pure power when held in my hand
He looks at the world and he understands
Making you laugh
Making you frown
Making you smile
Bringing you down
Making you happy
Making you cry
Making you sad
Lifting you high
He shares my emotions
My opinions
My voice
If my pen was a car
He'd be a Rolls Royce

Without him I'm silent
With a knot in my tongue
My pen is my pal
My pen is my chum