My Superpower

My mate Max has laser vision
Melting metal with perfect precision
Browning toast
And the Sunday roast
Who has his own show on television?
My mate Max who has laser vision

My cousin Kate can teleport
Changing location with a single thought
In the blink of an eye
England to Dubai 
Who moves from country to country without a passport?
My cousin Kate who can teleport

My buddy Bill can shrink to ant-size
When he does you can never fail to be surprised
Though possessing human strength
At one millimetre in length
Who still has to be wary of hungry flies?
My buddy Bill who can shrink to ant-size

My pal Pete is telekinetic
He can move any object by looking at it
Shifting the fridge
Lifting a bridge
Who do all the girls call totally terrific?
My pal Pete who is telekinetic

My sister Sara can change her shape
Yesterday an octopus, today an ape
Often hard to recognise
The queen of disguise
Who morphs from a camel into a snake?
My sister Sara who can change her shape

But I can't turn invisible, run extra-fast or fly
As a poet I thought “I'm just an ordinary guy”
Then I saw I could inspire
I could engage
I could make people listen, read and turn over a page
Unlock creativity
Spark imagination
Master the skill of communication

So if YOU want a superpower too
Whether you're a girl or guy
Get typing
Get writing
And give poetry a try