Don't Annoy That Monster

Don't annoy that monster

Don't tickle his big belly
Don't change the channel
When he's watching monster telly

Don't give his tail a tug
Don't steal his pink pyjamas
Don't make him angry
'Cause he's safer when he's calmer

Don't sit on his baseball cap
Don't wake him up at four
Don't bother him during bath times
Don't remind him that he snores

Don't re-tune his radio
Don't drill holes in his pants
Don't fill his welly boots
With thousands of red ants

Don't eat his chocolate cookies
Don't slurp his strawberry shake
Don't poke your head into his mouth

Don't say to him “You're ugly mate”
Don't scribble on his skin
If you're playing him at football
Then it's best to let him win

Don't jab him with a cricket bat
Don't cover him in jam
Don't drop a melon on his foot
Don't Sellotape his hands

Don't snigger at his haircut
Don't smash into his car
'Cause if you do I'm telling you
He might go