If I got a tattoo
It would simply say 'I Love You'
Etched forever on my forehead
In full view

The world would know we were an item
They'd see my face and stare
To read the message in the writing
Screaming out how much I cared

I'm talking commitment
I'm talking permanent
More than a marriage, rings or a holiday
More than a mortgage on a property
And as you have the hots for me
You could have one also
In a pretty private place printed somewhere on your torso

If I got a tattoo
I'd be pleased and proud displaying it
There would be no erasing it
A mini mural of amour
I'd be boasting to my mates with it
Growing old and grey with it
Seeing out my days with it

A heart
An arrow
A flowing typeface of italic
Why should I wait till Feb 14
To be tender and romantic?

It would be an incredible
Artistic stain
That wouldn't wash off when I washed up
Or rub off in the rain

A set-in-concrete casting

I'd do this for you
To show devotion deep and true
So it's such a terrible shame...
That I'm crybaby coward who could never take the pain