Clone of You

I'm gonna create clone of you
A look-alike that's shiny new
Giving me a choice of lovers
Usual You or Mrs Other

If you were worn out or tired
Felt exhausted or expired
Too pooped out to be my mate
I'd wine and dine your duplicate

I'd not need affairs with strangers
While I wooed your doppelganger
With your body and your mind
With your smile and cute behind

With your eyes, your voice, your nose,
Your substitute could share your clothes
Head or tails, would it matter
Once that cloner photostats ya?

If we were to row or fight
No problemo - I'd ignore you
While your double stood in for you

If both of you went out with me
(Authentic and facsimile)
People might ask “Who's the phony
“Mimicking your one and only?”

Some could view my impeccable imitation
And scream “Frankenstein mutation!”
But I don't care what critics say
I'll juggle with your genes and play with your DNA
Then concoct a carbon copy
A spitting image
A counterpart
A version two

I'm gonna create a clone of you