Robot Teacher, 3014

She's a nightmare not a dream
Colder than the coldest ice cream
Rules the class like a tyrannical queen
An automated metal machine
Our robot teacher
Of 3014

A giant computer for a brain
Long iron springs for hair
Laser eyes that burn like fire
Mess around - if you dare! 
You’ll be fried medium rare
Unemotional and mean
Our robot teacher 
Of 3014

We call her Mrs Nutsnbolts
Her skin is silver foil
Her arms and legs are four steel spears 
She don't drink coffee only oil
Full of wires, plugs and coils
And her face is a TV screen
Our robot teacher
Of 3014

As strict as a sergeant major
Handing homework out each night
Runs off the mains and batteries 
Memory? A zillion gigabytes
Her swivel head keeps you in sight
You would wish you'd never met her
Old style teachers are much better
A more terrifying creation will never be seen
Than our robot teacher

Of 3014