Rubbish Robin

You're rubbish
Rubbish Robin
Hobnobbing with costumed superhero types
With your daft little mask
And your flesh coloured tights
Sporting green girlie pants oh
The least dynamic of the Dynamic Duo

Penguin licks you
Riddler kicks you
You can't scare villains when your first name's Dick you
are rubbish Robin

Why has the Boy Wonder no superpowers?
More at home with origami 
Or arranging flowers
You're just not hard
You should stick to posing for Christmas cards

Wonder Woman floors you
Supergirl ignores you
Catwoman's likely to outclaw you

'Cause when the Batsignal is the shining light
Over Gotham City like a beacon bright
And The Dark Knight's swooping into view
You're out your depth without a clue
Did you waffle your way through your job interview? 
Even Batgirl has a better review
I hope you don't come to MY rescue

Bane will bash you
Two-Face trash you
My little sister could easily smash you

Yes you're rubbish Robin
Sad but true
Batman prefers Alfred the butler the you
Or Superman, Green Lantern or The Flash
You should be left out with the trash

Joker beats you
Scarecrow defeats you
Autograph hunters don't wish to meet you

Ask yourself:
Why doesn't anything bear YOUR name?

And 'na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na - Batman!'
It's HIS theme tune, you're omitted from that man
'Cause you're rubbish
Rubbish Robin