Parcel deliveries in the early morning post
The intoxicating smell of a Sunday roast
Spontaneous unplanned trips to the coast
Listening to a new Arctic Monkeys track
Lying in a daisy field with you, flat out on our backs
Eating al fresco at a Parisian café
Finally finding that most perfect present on ebay
Dot co dot uk

A midnight, moonlit wander through golden, soft-on-sole sands
Squeezing your hand 
That stomach-churning moment when an aeroplane takes flight
(And I turn a ghastly ghostly white)
A pure blue cloudless sky
Breathtaking views from the Shard or the London Eye
Laughing hysterically until we cry
Unexpectedly succeeding when giving something different a try

The first lawnmower whir of spring
The first sticky sweat of summer
The first orange-leaved scene of autumn
The first frost-filled morning of winter

Freshly-ironed bed linen
Being there at Wembley Stadium when England are so easily winning
Closing your eyes and spinning, and spinning, and spinning...
Sharing magical moments with friends
Making amends
And forgiving
Seizing each opportunity by the throat and living 
Every day like it's your last one
The fantastic fun 
Of an ear-splitting exhilarating, exploding sneeze
Sitting under huge shady oak trees
Smoked salmon bagels with rich cream cheese 
Can I have another please?

The very last day of the school year
The bitter-sweet taste of that early teenage sip of beer
The longest kiss you EVER had
Eventually - but unbelievably - becoming a mum or a dad
Cool shorts when it's hot
Warm wooly scarves when it's not

Home-made sugary strawberry jam
Screeeeeeeeaming as loud as you possibly can
Just to see what it's like
Freewheeling down the steepest hill on your old rusty bike
Watching your favourite movie again and again 
Standing, soaking, sodden wet in the pouring rain 
Scintillating sunsets 
Stunning sunrises
Is full of surprises