Queen Kong

Though Queen Kong is super strong
Unlike her better half King Kong
You don't see her scale skyscrapers
And get involved in crime capers
She never, ever beats her chest
Or uses her strength to impress
She says "My husband must unwind
"He brings shame to all primate-kind!"

Queen Kong's absolutely mad
At witnessing her children's Dad
Bust out his cage inside the zoo
Attack New York and London too
While smashing aeroplanes and tanks
Then stealing jewels and robbing banks
She says: "He's an embarrassment 
"Much more a monster than a gent"

Queen Kong is extremely cross
She pulls her fur out at a loss
Unsure of how to tame her man
And foil his world destruction plan
He roars, makes buildings snap and shake
While at home she makes beds and cakes
She says "KK should show respect
"Instead of leaving cities wrecked"

Queen Kong's really had enough
Fed up with her guy's violent stuff
She shouts "A final warning dear
"You end your horror film career
"Your angry times will have to cease
"If you don't choose the path of peace
"I will divorce you instantly
"No more bananas for your tea!"

King Kong's feeling sad and shocked
His life is well and truly rocked
He bows his head and says "Okay
"You win I'll change my angry ways
"My evil schemes will have to stop
"I'll shake the hand of every cop
"And promise not to blow my cool
"From now on it's Queen Kong who rules"

The moral is: giant gorillas tough and hairy
Should remember that their wives can be twice as scary