Love Britain

I love Britain
I love its sun, wind, snow and rain
I love its jam-packed motorways
And sweaty overcrowded commuter trains
Friday fish and chips
Sunday roast dinners
The self-deprecating way it's uncomfortable with sporting winners
While clinging tightly to former glories
I love Britain
And I'm proud to feature in its story

I love its wide welcoming smile
I love its huge variety
From pizza and egg fried rice to tapas and curry
Jerk chicken, falafel
Pad Thai, bagels and a Tex-Mex meal
The cool complexion of so many British places
The rainbow colours of so many British faces
North-south divide
Scottish, Welsh, Irish, English rivalry
Clean, green countryside
Choking but still coping cities
I'm delighted it's a destination so many tourists come to
I'm happy it's a haven that the downtrodden run to
I love Britain

I rejoice that it's free
And even extremists can express opinions to the contrary
Like they don't want to live in a multicultural nation
Want to stop legal immigration
Prefer splendid isolation
But yeah
I love Britain
So I'll even fight for the right for those to voice that kind of criticism
Although they fail to see
That 'the enemy' is probably made from the same stuff as you and me
There is no purity
Only ever-growing diversity

Saxon, Viking, Roman
French blood too
Irish, Black, Asian, Gypsy
Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Jew
And so much more blended into a unique British stew
We eat many types of cuisine from planet humankind
When we holiday, buy homes abroad or emigrate we don't mind
While enjoying music, art, fashions from all over the globe
Not embracing them's a backward step down a dangerous dark road
How can we be selective?
That would make our special 'British gene' defective

I love Britain
I'm smitten
With the cornucopia of all it has to offer
This crazy hotchpotch is the capital and collateral in its coffers
The important stuff on which we should concentrate
Instead of viewing difference with mockery, suspicion and hate
'Cause aren't the things that some despise
The actual things that make GREAT Britain great?
I love Britain
What about you, mate?