Our Fridge Door

Our fridge door is a voyage of discovery
Postcards from Peru, Australia and Italy
Four family photos from a day at London Zoo
Including penguins, pandas, parrots (but NOT kangaroos)
Some emergency phone numbers in case we need them
A note saying "Neighbour's cats: Don't forget to feed them!"

There's a letter for my brother about a job interview
And one from the dentist as his check up is now due
A school timetable, a map of Birmingham
A tiny squashed spider, sticky fingerprints from jam
There's a souvenir magnet picturing Tower Bridge
Yes all this super stuff's stuck onto our fridge

Our fridge door is a voyage of discovery
A voucher for deodorant, a chicken curry recipe
You'll spot the twelve times table ('cause that's what I'm learning)
A reminder that my new shoes need returning
Last year's Christmas shopping list containing loads of items
Impossible to understand through Mum's messy writing

A used cinema ticket, an old electric bill
Instructions for my Dad on how to take his purple pills
A drawing of my sister in which her head's shaped like a potato
To answer life's great mysteries see our refrigerator
So don't search on the Internet as you no longer need it
Just come into our kitchen find our fridge door and then read it