I'm on both knees to beg
Give me impact on the web
Help me maximise my presence in new media
I'm not a techy type
But I'm desperate for the hype
So please publish me a page on Wikipedia?

I'd be set to wow the world
Attract hoards of screaming girls
And some fanatical stalkers would be fine
Ubiquitous and viral
Stardom on an upward spiral
You'd nod in deference when you referenced me online

I'll be there with all the greats
Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Keats and Yeats
Skilled contemporary performance poets too
Zephaniah, Cooper Clarke
If I'm gonna make my mark
Then a Wiki entry's what I need from you

I don't care if it's pure fiction
Gossip, lies and supposition
With citations all invented on the hoof
'Cause if you put me up on Wiki
Rest assured I'd not be picky
If you were a tad economical with the truth

You'd read about my early life
My parents, kids and wife
My gigs, my poems, workshops and my book
Influences, latest news
My successes and reviews
You'd Google 'Neal Zetter' and then you'd take a look

Yes I'm bowing down and pleading
This is something that I'm needing
I could submit requests that are far greedier
But I just want a slice of fame
As history won't state my name
Unless I'm immortalised...on Wikipedia