The Wrong Side of the Bed

Ben got out the wrong side of the bed
Like a big bruised bear with a super sore head
He cursed
He swore
Kicked wildly at his door 
Books, clothes and toys were strewn across his floor

He stomped down to breakfast
Was rude to his Dad
Though Mum greeted him "Good morning"
He snapped "No, BAD!"
Madder than mad
Like a raging bull
Losing his cool
The only colour he saw was blood red
When Ben got out the wrong side of the bed

His anger rose as he marched into school
He was caught throwing carrots in the dinner hall
He refused to hand his spelling test in
Stuffed his history homework into the bin
Uptighter than uptight
The whole world was wrong
And only he was right
He barged into a year six boy and then picked a fight 
'GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!' was the most frequent word he said
When Ben got out the wrong side of the bed

Normally he was a calm, quiet lad
Conscientious, sweet and charming
But today he was an exploding volcano
Dangerous and alarming
Spitting molten lava far and wide
After getting out of his bed from the wrong side

His teacher handed him detention
His Head threatened him with suspension
Then summoned his parents for a serious chat
Firmly and sternly reiterating that
Ben's behaviour was utterly regrettable
Completely reprehensible
Totally unacceptable
He was to be placed on a final warning
The old Ben was required to return to class next morning

When back home his folks screamed
"Shameful! Disgraceful! Out of our sight!"
So he stormed upstairs to his room
Switched off the light
As Ben's angry day ended with 
No computer, no TV, no pocket money, no tea 
And a very early night

What's the moral?
Never get out the wrong side of YOUR bed
Just count to ten
Turn over...
And get out the other side instead