Guinness World Records

The world's hairiest tongue
The world's fattest ants
The world's runniest nose
The world's tightest underpants

The world's stupidest joke
The world's biggest bum
The world's bounciest bed
The world's stretchiest chewing gum

The world's politest shark
The world's craziest laugh
The world's coldest volcano
The world's tiniest giraffe

The world's ugliest baby
The world's longest noodle
The world's wettest water
The world's strangest doodle

The world's squashiest tomato
The world's snottiest sneeze
The world's smelliest nappy
The world's itchiest fleas

The world's crunchiest crisps
The world's laziest cheetah
The world's quietest noise 
The world's spiciest fajita

The world's whitest ghost
The world's stripiest pyjamas
The world's spottiest teenager
The world's bendiest bananas

The world's strictest teacher
The world's poshest princess
The world's loudest burp
The world's hardest spelling test

The world's smartest website
The world's cleverest book
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