Old Superman

His hair is grey and every day
A little more strength slips away
He's not so brave, he's not so bold
Yes Superman is getting old

His x-ray vision once was good
Now it can't help him see through wood
His laser eyes are just a spark
That flicker dimly in the dark

No superbaddies are around
They're in the graveyard underground
So unemployed he'll have to stay
Although he’s proved crime doesn't pay

He never faces kryptonite
He never has to have a fight
He lives with superhero mates
Who also near their sell by dates

To keep fit he might take a jog
Or choose to walk with Superdog
Who's aging too and rather fat
Unable to chase Supercat

Each week he'll buy some flowers to send
To Lois Lane who's still his friend
(Though not reporting anymore
As she's approaching eighty-four)

And when the weather’s warm and dry
He zooms about up in the sky
A crowd will shout from down below
“He's ninety-five but watch him go!”

His super costume’s thin and worn
He wears it when he mows the lawn
For gardening takes up his time
Tackling weeds instead of crime

So things have changed and people gone
But Superman goes on and on
Continuing to be the best
To help you if you’re in distress