My Mobile Phone

You’re my mobile phone
When I’m with you I’m never alone
I carry you everywhere I roam
Happy to be a rolling stone
With you as my connection home
I’m like a dog with a bone
With a customised ring tone
You’re my mobile phone

My magical box of tricks
Address book, pics
Music, video clips
A mini mass of microchips
In a carefully chosen case
It’s your ID
Your face
You’re a perfect piece of technology
We share the same psychology
‘Cause when I text
You predict what I’m gonna say next
I can’t overstate
That you’re my best mate
I even love it when you vibrate
You tell me the time
You tell me the date
But you’re so small
And lightweight
You’re simply great
You’re my mobile phone

You’re my pal sleeping in my pocket
You hear everything that’s said
You’re with me Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve
And were there when I got wed
Some people have a teddy bear
But I take you to bed
You give me street cred
You’re permanently stuck to the side of my head
On my ear
‘Cause I hold you dear
Forever near
The world in the palm of my hand
Rio, Reykjavik, Rotherham
Riyadh, Redwood and Rome
You take me to these places
Without me being flown
You’re my communication zone
You’re the best thing I own
You’re my mobile
You make me smile
You’re my mobile phone