There’s a Monster Locked inside Me

There’s a monster locked inside me

And sometimes he gets out

Often the monster SCREAMS!

Often the monster SHOUTS!

He won't do what he's told to do

He throws and breaks his toys

Frequently he terrorises other girls and boys

There’s a monster locked inside me

Bad-tempered, mean and mad

He snarls and growls at adults too

(Especially Mum and Dad)

The monster follows me to school

Scares children and the teachers

Disrupting classes, flouting rules

A most unpleasant creature

There’s a monster locked inside me

Who's been known to wear my clothes

They say the monster follows me

Everywhere I go

Last week he hit my little sister


Upon her nose

There’s a monster locked inside me

Stuffed my sweets into his belly

Next he was sent up to my room

And banned from watching telly

He spoke throughout assembly

He stole my friend's football

Though everyone sees him about

I’ve not seen him at all

Yes, there’s a monster locked inside me

Who escapes when I’m not around

Leaves trails of mass destruction

Then disappears without a sound

He will return tomorrow

As his evil deeds aren't done

He really is a horrid, naughty, nasty, troublesome, devilish little monster

So if you see him (or me)...RUN!