When the Music Ran Out

I had a horrid nightmare about
When the music all ran out
When the radio had no sound
When there was silence all around
When the magic that made the melody
Was just a distant memory
A buried treasure underground
Lost and never to be found
When the music ran out

iPods were idle
CDs ceased - all blank
The notes were all stolen
From the musical bank
Concert halls stood empty
Discos deserted and dead
No more songs left to write
Or to stick in people’s heads
So they read
Books instead
When the music ran out

A, B, C, D, E, F, G
Were consigned to history
F-sharp, A-minor, B-flat too
All unemployed with nothing to do
Standing in a long dole queue
On that day
When there were no tunes left to play
They packed the instruments away
Coloured rainbows turned to grey
Rappers were wrecked
DJs in disarray
Buskers broken in dismay
When the music ran out

Whistlers couldn’t whistle
Dancers couldn’t dance
Hummingbirds that tried to hum
Didn’t have a chance…
But when I woke up from my dream
I could feel my heart beat
I began to tap my feet
I switched on my MP3
And everything came back to me
My ears enthralled in ecstasy
Elton John, Sugarbabes, Beatles, Rolling Stones
Robbie Williams, Girls Aloud, Abba, Norah Jones
Oasis, Eminem, Queen, Elvis, U2
Franz Ferdinand, Green Day, Madonna, Blur and Muse
Left me without a doubt
That there will NEVER be a day
(I’m sooooooo relieved to say)
When the music runs out