My Lollipop

This is
My lollipop
Don’t lick it
Don’t nick it
I picked it
From the shop
So you can’t have it
Don’t grab it
Or nab it
Please stop
Or I’ll call the cops
‘Cause this is
My lollipop

If you take it
You might break it
Or cover it in slop
Or even drop
My lollipop

I don’t want to do a swap
With your chocolate bar
Or your Lego car
‘Cause it’s
My lollipop

Just buy your own
Then I won’t have to moan
Or groan
Like a dog who’s lost its bone
You can take yours home
And leave mine alone
So I can enjoy my time
Tasting lemon and lime
That’s a flavour
I can savour
The flavour that’s top
The yummy in the tummy taste of
My lollipop