Spider-Man (with audio)

Up in the sky
Deep in the night
You’ll spot him at the highest height
Who’s that bloke in the red and blue tights?
It’s Spider-Man

He spins his web
He catches crooks
He stars in films and comic books
Who’s the guy with the spidery looks?
It’s Spider-Man

He’s Peter Parker in disguise
When he sewed his costume he forgot the flies
Who’d rather eat ants than meat pies?
It’s Spider-Man

He’s more super than Superman
He never sports a nice sun-tan
Who swings about like and orang-utan? 
It’s Spider-Man

He beats Doc Ock
The Green Goblin too
He climbs tall buildings - without glue
Which spider can’t be flushed down your loo?
It’s Spider-Man

This hero’s not an also-ran
He’s twice as strong as Desperate Dan
Put your hands in the air if you’re a fan
Of Spider-Man