Bolognese Baby

He's scoffing the lot
Fingers in the pot
Mixed with drips of dribble and drops of snot
Tables manners have gone
Self-respect is shot
He's a Bolognese Baby

Sauce in every place
And spaghetti face
No scarier creature's in outer space
Once was sweet and cute
What a fall from grace
He's a Bolognese Baby

He is only three
So when eating tea
Treats a meal as a play activity
Splattering the walls
And mum's new settee
He's a Bolognese Baby

Nobody's impressed
At his filthy mess
When will he learn using a plate is best?
Throw him in the bath
Although he's still dressed
He's a Bolognese Baby

He's filled the floor
Cries out “More! More! More!”
Won't somebody tell him what his fork is for?
Looking like the victim
In a food fight war
We all know the score
He's a Bolognese Baby