Bookworm, Bookworm

Bookworm, bookworm
Head forever found in books
Not moving through the mud
Or dangling from an angler's hook

Impressing the vet
Impressing the zoo
With more knowledge
Than a college
And an infinite IQ

Bookworm, bookworm
Loving fiction, loving fact
Yes this worm has turned
Now eating stories for a snack

Always top of the class
Always top of the tree
A massive brain
The size of Spain
He's off to university

Bookworm, bookworm
It's how he's best described
Adores every shiny cover
And each interesting inside

Wormed his way into a library
Made a bookshop his new home
The cleverest of creatures
The brightest one I've known

Bookworm, bookworm
Books are all he needs
Want to be a brilliant bookworm too?
Then read, read, read
Read, read, read
Read, read, read