Computer Bug

I'm a nasty little computer bug
Nibble, nosh, crunch!
Eating your computer when it's time for lunch
Gnawing through the circuits
While licking on my lips
I'll hack you
I'll attack you
Gobble up those microchips 

I'm demolishing your new mobile phone
Slobber, slurp, bite!
I trick you to invite me in then I strike
Smashing every socket
Slowing down your screen
I'll creep up
I will sneak up
Melt your programmes like ice cream

I'm invading your tablet and laptop too
Dribble, burp, yum!
Chewing through your favourite game fills my tum
Feasting on your keyboard
Messing with your mouse
The direst
Of viruses
You'll fail to flush me out

You can install security software
Disconnect all plugs
But you'll never defeat this nasty little computer bug