Don't Drink Out the Drain

Drinking out the drain
Is not a clever thing to do
'Cause mud and muck and mess and yuck
Combine to brew a stew
You'll end up in the hospital
You'll end up in your bed
It's too impure, there is no cure
At worst you'll end up dead

Drinking out the drain is daft
Don't sip a single drop
Put down the manhole cover now
I'm urging you to stop
Avoid what is disgusting
Full of dark and deadly germs
Inhabited by rats and maggots
Spiders, fleas and worms

Drinking out the drain
Is detrimental to your health
There is no point to quench your thirst
By poisoning yourself
Slurping from a sewage pipe
Is horrible and foul
I'd rather kiss a camel
Or the bottom of a cow

Try a glass of milk instead
A cup of tea or juice
Or water, smoothie, lemonade
There's so much else to choose
You shouldn't take refreshment
From a place of filthy rain
Turn on your tap, it's safer that
You don't drink out the drain