Don't Eat the Animals

Don't boil a bat
Don't bake a snake
Don't microwave a millipede
Don't cook koala cake

Don't grill a gorilla
Don't gnaw on a macaw
Never fry a fruit fly
Don't even have it raw

Don't coddle a cockroach
Don't fricassee a frog
Don't poach piranhas, ants, iguanas
Tapirs and hogs

Don't chomp on a chicken
Don't chew a kangaroo
Munching mandrills for a snack
Is not the thing to do

Don't steam a sea bass
Don't barbecue a bear
Don't serve a salamander
Medium rare

Don't pickle a penguin
Don't try terrapins on toast
Don't liquidise lynx for smoothie drinks
Don't make a rhino roast

Don't sauté a salmon
Don't catch a crab to crunch
Because the zoo will disappear
If you eat it for lunch