It creeps up in the night

It's a fright

Flashes teeth that can bite

It's a fright

It hides underneath your bed

Worms its way into your head

It's a fright, fright, fright, fright, fright!

Whispers things in your ear

It's a fear

Words you don't want to hear

It's a fear

Digs down deep into your brain

It's a crashing, speeding train

It's a fear, fear, fear, fear, fear!

It could pounce anywhere

It's a scare

It's a wolf, it's a bear

It's a scare

It's a painful stomach punch

Causes you to lose your lunch

It's a scare, scare, scare, scare, scare!

It's a creak, crack or knock

It's a shock

Stops your watch and your clock

It's a shock

Warns you that the end is near

Makes this poem finish here

It's a shock, shock, shock, shock, shock!