Gorilla Ballerina

Standing on tiptoe
Putting on a show
Insisting her new hobby is the best way to go
You'd think she'd be rougher, gruffer and meaner
But she's a gorilla ballerina 

She just wants the chance
To whirl, twirl and prance
And hoping one day she'll be named the Queen of the Dance
At pirouetting no animal's keener
Check out this gorilla ballerina 

In tutu or dress
She'll always impress
Revealing her much softer side, not beating her chest
You think she'd be mighty, powerful and stronger
But she's into ballet (and tango and conga) 

Gliding 'cross the floor
While the crowds cry 'more!'
A maximum ten out of ten is her usual score
You'd think she'd be deadly, a brute and a killer
But she's a ballerina who's a gorilla