Greedy Sweet Shop Owner

I'm the Greedy Sweet Shop Owner

I'll eject you from my shop

Why would I sell to customers

When I can scoff the lot?

I've sherbet fountains, barley sugars

Liquorice, chocolate limes

Please view them through my window

You've no need to step inside

I've humbugs, wine gums, toffees

Candy canes and honeycomb

Don't plan to make a purchase

These are mine and mine alone

As I don't want your business

My front door is always shut

Those pear drops, chews and packs of fudge

It's me who'll eat them up

I love to live this lifestyle

I don't care about my health

Your precious pocket money

Go and spend it somewhere else

For breakfast, lunch and dinner

Give me scrumptious sugary treats

I'm the Greedy Sweet Shop Owner

So keep YOUR hands off my sweets!