Grey's not black
Grey's not white
Grey's not day
Grey's not night
Grey doesn't really make much sense
Grey enjoys sitting on the fence

You won't find grey in a rainbow
Grey won't help your garden grow
Grey is gloomy, glum and grim
Greying hair is old and thin
Like the beard on grandad's chin

Grey is the colour that a tiny mouse is
Grey hangs around in haunted houses
My school trousers are grey too
As are the elephants at the zoo

Grey is for smog, fog
Boulders, rocks
Roads, motorways
Unfashionable shirts and socks

Grey is the wolf at your door
This poet's pencil lead
The metal battleship of war
Zombie skin, spookily undead
Have you plenty of grey matter in your head?

You can spell 'gray' with an 'a'
You can spell 'grey' with an 'e'
3pm's time for my cup of Earl Grey tea
Although you don't see many grey balloons
There's plenty of grey on the surface of the moon

Grey is boredom
Grey is smoking
'Splash, splash!'
Went the grey sea lion and dolphin

But too much grey can get you depressed
I think the time might be right to give grey a rest
So I'm hoping that the sun will come out to play
And chase
All the grey
In the day
Far away...