When you cross the road give me your hand
Become an acrobat and perform a handstand
Are you telling the truth, hand on heart? 
Paint-covered hands create amazing works of art

On the third finger of their left hand
Married folk wear a gold band
You can't shake hands with a closed fist
Hold a winning hand playing trumps or whist

There are so many things hands help us do
Call a handyman or handywoman to fix a loose screw
Grab that handkerchief quick
Here it comes...aaaaaaachooooooo!

Sign language uses hands
To help people communicate and understand
Hands have four fingers and a thumb
My mum's hand used to smack my bum
When I misbehaved
Hands say "goodbye" to friends with a wave

Raise your hands if you know the right answer
You might move your hands in the air if you're a dancer
Cold hands? Cover them with gloves
Squeeze the hand of someone you love

And if you like this poem
Then as one
Clap your hands together now
Because it's done