I'm a Poet

(When I tell people I'm a poet the reply is nearly always "...and you don't know it", so this one's for them.)

I'm not a nerd, I'm not a freak
I'm not a weirdo or a geek
I'm a poet

Express myself through rap and rhyme
That rhythm gets me every time
I'm a poet

I must create, I crave to write
All morning, afternoon and night
I'm a poet

Don't own a mansion or a car
Not what you'd call a superstar
I'm a poet

A hunger and a thirst for verse
Is this a talent or a curse?
I'm a poet

My pen or pencil's always poised
I'm doing what I most enjoy
I'm a poet

An office job is not for me
I'm loving words and literacy
I'm a poet

I make you laugh, I make you cry
I think you know the reason why
I'm a poet

And yes, I definitely know it because...