Invisible Dog

I got an invisible dog for my birthday
It's quite an unusual breed
He goes twice a day for invisible walks
Upon his invisible lead

Together we run round Invisible Park
To chase his invisible ball
I show him off to invisible friends
While at my invisible school

When he has invisible illnesses
He sees the invisible vet
Of all of the animals that she has seen
She says he's the strangest one yet

Invisible dog gives invisible hugs
And lots of invisible licks
He dreams in his basket when sleeping at night
Of fetching invisible sticks

He leaves his invisible doggy dos
Across the invisible ground
I bought big bags of invisible biscuits
To treat my invisible hound

His mouth will emit an invisible bark
When scaring invisible cats
He chews my invisible carpet as well
But I never care about that

The thing is Dad says that it costs far too much
To keep a real dog as a pet
So my imagination made him instead
The most perfect dog you've ever met